Tekla Structures Model Reviewer

Tekla Structures Model Reviewer 1.2

Sends marked up Tekla models to all those who participate in the project
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Makes the communication between collaborators more effective by sending marked up Tekla models that can be panned, rotated and zoomed through by all the team's members.

Tekla Structures Model Reviewer is a tool for easy and effective construction project communication. Model Reviewer makes project communication more effective because you can easily send marked up Tekla models to other project participants. Tekla Structures Model Reviewer includes excellent model navigation and mark up functionality.

With it you can: easily pan, rotate, zoom, and fly through the model, see important part information, fly through a set of saved locations in the model to present it to the project team, use clip planes to slice through walls and crowded areas of the model, email models easily to other parties and much more.

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